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PetroTrainer for Windows

Computer "Based" Training (CBT) for Petroleum Technology

PetroTrainer is developed by ITC, and has been used at ITC Training Centre, since 1988. Today, all the ITC students are equipped with the PetroTrainer software for use at home or at the rig-site.

Modules in PetroTrainer

  • Drilling Technology

  • Well Control

  • Sub-Sea Rig Systems

  • Cement and Casing

  • Geology and Formation Evaluation

  • Production and Completion

  •  Basic Theory

  • Hydraulics

  • Mechanics & Materials

  • Fields & Wells

  • Drilling Administration

  • Casing & Well Design

What is PetroTrainer?

PetroTrainer is PC based training in Petroleum Technology, with emphasis on offshore drilling technology. 
  • Pedagogical material,  theory with text, pictures and animations.
  • Control questions and large exercises.
  • Index search or free-text search in the database of theory.
  • User bookmarks makes it easy to recapture difficult stuff.
  • Cross references and great flexibility in navigation - or use the fixed route.
  • Internet connection is not required.
  • Continuously upgraded and maintained with the latest Petroleum Technology. 

Any language can be added, and selected during run-time.

How is PetroTrainer used?

  • All ITC students uses PetroTrainer for their self-study at home or at the rig site.
  • ITC uses PetroTrainer in the classroom. This is an important aid for our instructors and guest lectures, using PetroTrainer on a projector in the class.
  • PetroTrainer is used for preparation and repetition of procedures before working tasks on the rig-site.


How can a Training Centre utilize PetroTrainer?

PetroTrainer is an open system that can run presentations made in Acrobat, PowerPoint and Lotus Freelance. In addition any external application can be run from the menus in PetroTrainer. This makes PetroTrainer the perfect choice for a course centre as the portal to the knowledge bank of the centre. In this way all course material can be systemized, placed on logical menus and added to the index system.

Licence management for Training Centres

The licence for PetroTrainer is managed from ITC a.s. If your Training Centre uses additional material as part of your system, you must provide the students with the additional upgrades of your material, plus an upgrade of the system menus and indexes. ITC can assist your company with the initiation of such a system.