ITC Learning Developer - Authoring Tool

Learning Developer is a development tool for Computer Based Training on the PC platform. It is a user-friendly environment made for non-programmers.

With  Learning Developer you can make training programs about any topic  - e.g. geography, traffic training.- or you can tailor  Basic Maths! to  your own  needs -  for example by adding more exercises.  Your own creativity and educational skills are all that counts!

The modules you design, will have to be installed to the Learning Platform in order to be used by your students.

Price for Learning Developer:  USD  70 $ per year

Learning Developer will be available from  nov. 1st.  2001


Course in Learning Developer

Support & Services

Time:   12.5.2001,   9.00 am to 4.00 pm.
Place: ITC a.s - Ramdal, 3115 TØNSBERG

Phone (+47) 33 32 29 80

Please contact  Beate at  ITC

For Support contract:   Please contact  ITC

Services: ITC a.s offer various forms of service regarding development of animations and other subjects concerning development,  using Learing Developer.