Basic Maths!  Download FREE English version

Several hundred Norwegian students and teachers are now using the Norwegian version of Basic Math! The program is just being translated into English. This is an early beta version and we therefore ask for your comments and corrections about language and terms used in the application.

Basic Maths! is about 2Mb to download (version 6. Jan. 2003)

NOTE for Norwegian customers: Den engelske versjonen av programmet inneholder IKKE sannsynlighetsregning. Dette emnet er grundig dekket i den norske versjonen. 
Information about you:
Occupation/ Student
Age: 10 - 16 years
16 - 20 years
20 - 30 years
Above 30 years

Topics covered in this version are:

  • Numbers

  • Fractions

  • Power and roots

  • Parenthesis, Factorise and more

  • Equations

  • Equations with 2 unknown

  • Equations of second grade

  • Dissimilarity

  • Area and circumference 

  • Trigonometry 

  • Functions