ITC Learning Modules

On this page we plan to publish training modules made by the users of  Learning Developer. Users can install these modules to their Learning Platform.

Send your training module  to ITC, and we will publish it for free from this location. 

Since this is the start of the commercial version the Learning Platform, there will for the time being only be one available demo module from ITC - and a few  useful features that you may want to add to your Learning Platform.


These features  will be available from  1.nov.2001:

PowerPoint presentations

By installing this Plug-in program, you can run PowerPoint presentations directly from the menus in Learning Platform without the need of installation of Office.

Acrobat Reader

Install this Plug-in to view Acrobat files /presentations from Learning Platform

Freelance presentations

Install this Plug-in to view Freelance files /presentations from Learning Platform


You can run  video - MPG and AVI directly from Learning Platform (without any use of Learning Developer). Hear you can download the application expansion.

Add external applications

You can start all types off applications (exe-files) directly from the menus in Learning Platform. Look here how you do it...

Demo module from ITC

This module shows various kind of functionality in Learning Developer. It is meant to be an introduction to the Learning Developer.

Your module ??