Basic Maths!

Basic Maths consists of  training in basic mathematics on the level of students from 14 to 18 years. However, at  ITC  we use this training module for adult students for refreshing basic mathematic skills.


For the time being, this program will be provided as FREEWARE

This English version for Basic Maths is limited compared the the Norwegian full version.


The Learning Machine is now a part of Basic Maths!


For the moment, Basic Mats is only available in Norwegian - see



Topics covered in this version of Basic Maths! are:

  • Numbers

  • Fractions

  • Power and roots

  • Parenthesis, Factorise and more

  • Equations

  • Equations with 2 unknown

  • Equations of second grade

  • Dissimilarity

  • Area and circumference 

  • Trigonometry 

  • Functions

See samples from the Norwegian version

The Learning Machine

  • Make your own interactive exercises 

  • Learn new words in foreign languages

  • Make training in multiplication and all types of simple mathematics.

  • Use it to learn every sorts of things that have a question and a simple answer.