Training of Offshore Installation Manager (OIM), Platform Manager (Captain), Technical Manager and Stability Manager

The training is approved by the Norwegian Maritime Directorate, OLF and NR. The courses are in a one week modular structure. Each week module is described in a separate document. The progression of the modules are in general as listed below. These courses are run since 1996 and is a co-operation between ITC, Vestfold Maritime University (HVE-MA) and Borre Maritime Safety Centre (BHVS)


No Course Technical Manager Stability Manager Platform Manager / OIM
1 Petroleum Technology X X X
2 Administration 1 X X X
3 Administration 2 X X X
4 Crisis Management X X X
5 Project Management X    X
6 Maintenance and Equipment X      
7 Stability Theory   X X
8 Positioning / DP   X X
9 Maritime Operations   X X
10 Maritime Simulator      X

Training for:

  • Technical Manager, 6 course modules / weeks. 
  • Stability Manager, 7 course modules / weeks. 
  • OIM, Platform Manager, 9 course modules / weeks.

Approval of equal education

It is possible to apply for approval of equal education. Application to be sent to ITC a.s. Stability Managers with previous education before 1992 must redo part of training and pass new examination in module 5, 9 and 10 to full fill the requirements for OIM or Platform Manager.


Each module description will describe form of evaluation. If the course uses grading by numbers, the scale is 1 6, 1 is the top grade and 4 is the lowest pass grade. The grades are divided into tenth parts. Some modules will have the grading, pass or not passed. One sensor is from the course module training institution, and one external (from the industry).