Technical College Petroleum, Drilling & Well Technology

Technical College Petroleum, Drilling and Well Technology is an offer for those working offshore and wishes to advance into the position of Assistant Driller, Driller and Tool Pusher. Pre-qualifications in common topics are necessary. 

Technical College Petroleum, Drilling and Well Technology is the theoretical certificate training for Assistant Driller, Driller and Tool Pusher approved by Norwegian authorities (OLF / NR). ITC offer this education for personnel working offshore in rotation. It is based on one week modules, approx. 5 every 6 month. The training is based on self study at home with access to CBT, PetroTrainer, and Internet class-room with forums to enable communication with all parties involved. ITC's training centre is in Tønsberg, close to Oslo. Exams are held every 6 month. ITC will make an individual study plan as a part of our student agreement. ITC also arrange industry / rig visits as a part of the ”practical” training.

Contact our course secretary for information and prices, course agreement and hotels. 


Training system

  • Week modules – The week modules are run at the ITC training centre in Tønsberg, 100 km south of Oslo close to Sandefjord / Torp airport. The Modules are planned to fit the students offshore rotation. All modules are held from Monday to Friday. Monday start-up at 10.00 and Friday ends at 14.00 to allow for traveling time. 
  • Self study – The major part of the study is based on self study. The students work at home and/or on the rig with course manuals, exercises, text books, CBT and Internet classroom. The student will therefore need access to a PC and Internet.· 
  • Software - ITC is developing the training software in-house, CBT (Computer Based Training) called PetroTrainer. All ITC student will have access to the CBT and the Internet Classroom in the training period. 

Course curriculum

Common topics

Non Norwegian students will need to present school papers on a college level, to prove a satisfactory background in English and Math.

Other common topics

  1. Economy, Organization and Supervision, and Marketing Management (2 week modules)

Petroleum topics, level 1 and 2

  1. Production
  2. Reservoir Geology
  3. Well- and Casing-design
  4. HSE, Operation and Regulations
  5. Well fluids
  6. Drilling and completion fluids
  7. Well control 1 and 2
  8. Drilling technology 1
  9. Drilling technology 2
  10.  Hydraulics and regulation systems

These topics are offered as 10 week modules over approx. 2 years. ITC do not practice a fixed starting point nor a fixed order in which the modules are run.

Other Petroleum topics

  1. Math for Petroleum technicians
  2. Mechanics and material science (2 week modules)
  3. Petroleum English 


The students must have exams in all topics. 

  1. Common topics
  2. Other common topics
  3. Petroleum 1 topics
  4. Petroleum 2 topics