Sub-sea Engineer School - for Semi-subs and Drilling ships

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This training course, together with on the job training on a Semi-sub or Drilling ship, will qualify you for the job as Sub-sea Engineer,  with operation and maintenance of all Sub-sea-, BOP- and Compensation- equipment on a Semi-sub or Drillship.

Pre-qualifications: Vocational training and/or Trade certificate, Technical College or a degree in Mechanical Engineering, or 2 to 5 years practical experience in a Mechanical / Hydraulic/Automation trade within offshore drilling. 

It is an advantage to have the 420 hours Basic Drilling and Well Technology course at ITC.

If you want to be contacted concerning the start-up of this course, please, register here.  

Questions about course content and prices, send e-mail to: Svein Fagereng.

The course has three main modules, all built up of three elements:

  • Pre-study, via training manual, books, CBT og Internett class-room (approx. 35 hours)
  • One week intencive class-room training at ITC (35 hours)
  • After study and examn preperations (approx. 35 hours)

Evaluation of the students is done with Folder Evaluation counting 30% of the final grade, and a final examn after Modul 3, counting 70%.






Introduction Modul

25. - 29.August

Week 35

The Modul is 5 days, for students without Basic Petroleum training from an approved training centre (in Norway: ITC Drilling School, Nortrain, BMVS and SOTS)

Training in drilling operations, drilling equipment, well control theory, methods, procedyres and Sub-sea eqipment.


Sub-sea Technology 1

Course date will be set later

The Modul is 5 days and should be attendes prior to on the job training as Sub-sea Engineer.

Training in Sub-sea technology for Semi-subs and Drilling ships, such as BOP, Compensation systems, DP systems and Laws and regulations (NPD, API, NORSOK, NACE).


Sub-sea Technology 2

Course date will be set later

The Modul is 5 days, and should be attended after some on the job training as Sub-sea Engineer trainee.

Further training in operation and maintenance of Sub-sea equipment and  calculatiuons.

This training concept has been developed in close cooperation with Senior Sub-sea Engineers working for Drilling Contractors in the Norwegian Sector of the North Sea.