Subjects and Topics

Expert training in 3Geo & Drilling

Course in Petroleum Technology, Level 2

Course in Petroleum Technology, Level 1

Short Introduction to Norwegian Offshore Technology

       PFAS Introduction, 1 day

       PFAS Advanced, 1, 2 or 3 days

       Stuck Pipe with Geo-Mechanic, 1-3 days

       UBD with Geo-Mechanic, 1-3 days

       Applied Geo-Mechanic with PFAS, 1-3 days

       Applied Pore Pressure Calculations with PFAS, 1-2 days

       Casing Design, (NH/Statoil Manual with Stress Check), 2-4 days

       Well Control and Simulation, 5 days

       IWCF, Training & Certification

       Cement & Casing 2

       Drilling Administration

       Drilling Fluid Theory & Lab 2

       Drilling Technology 2 & 3

       Fluid Dynamics

       Formation Evaluation

       Production Technology 2

       Sub Sea 2

       Well Control 2

       Well Plannin


Optional Course Modules

         Advanced Mathematics

         English for Petroleum Technologist

         Classic Mechanics & Mechanics of Materials

         Hydraulics & Control Systems

    Introduction to Norwegian Oil Industry

    Basic Mathematic, Physic and Chemistry



    Cementing & Casing 1

    Drilling Technology 1

    Direction Drilling 1

    Drilling Fluid Theory & Lab 1

    Production Technology 1

    Sub Sea 1

    Well Control 1


         Norwegian Fields and Norwegian Oil History

         Operators and Resources

         The Geology at the Norwegian Continental Shelf

         Rigs and Platforms

         Drilling and Completion of an Oil Well

         Drilling Equipment

         Support Systems at Rigs and Platforms

         Units in the Oil Industry